Our Story

We don’t just serve food at Dooley’s American Smoke House, we offer you experiences that resonate with your soul.

Much like it’s sibling, soul music, soul food has roots in the rich cultural blend of
African American and Native American cuisine.

Darren Dooley takes pride in his American heritage, proudly nurturing these inherited generations-passed recipes, and taking them with him on his personal journey from the USA to Brussels, and through quite a few cross-continental detours.

Every dish is a labour of his love for history, family, and creating a home away from home for people who like to travel through food.

A Sanctuary for Expats, Meat Lovers, and Foodies

Some of our Faves

Our meats are cooked slowly on low heat, allowing for tender juiciness.

Soulful Bites, Smokey Delights

Each bite is a celebration of USA smoked meats tradition and Southern Soul food—American culinary excellence.

It’s no surprise we’ve been endorsed by the highly trusted Restaurant Guru.

Know what you want already?

Whether you're a first-timer or a longtime friend, there's always a place for you at Dooley's. From our cozy ambiance to our soulful flavors, every visit is an opportunity to experience the warmth and hospitality that defines Dooley’s American Smoke House. Go ahead and book that reservation, pop in, or order online.