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Discover the heart and soul behind Dooley’s

Discover the heart and soul behind Dooley’s American Smoke House with a glimpse into Darren Dooley’s journey.

From his roots in Illinois, USA to his passion for sharing authentic soul food with the world, Darren’s story is as rich and flavorful as the dishes he creates. He has over 35 years of experience in the restaurant and hospitality business in America, Europe, and Africa. Darren also has diverse experiences as a chef, a corporate trainer, a manager, and an owner of American and Tex-Mex-style restaurants worldwide. 

With Dooley’s American Smoke House in Brussels, Belgium, he returns to his soul food family roots in the Southern USA, combined with the smoked meat tradition of the American Mid-West. The result is a unique taste of an American family meal, prepared with love and care from fresh local ingredients inspired by his family recipes. And when you indulge in his recipes, you’re family too.

We want to serve you dishes that are delicious and nurturing. We also hope that by dining with us, you can experience the joys of being around fellow expats, foodies or meat lovers.

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Our Team

We’re more than just a restaurant; we’re a sanctuary where friends become family and strangers become friends. Our team plays an important role in delivering that exceptional dining experience—where hospitality meets heart.

Collaboration & Partnerships

For influencers and brands seeking collaborative opportunities, we welcome you to reach out and become a part of Dooley’s fam-bam. Together, let’s celebrate the beauty of Southern USA Soulful cuisine and share it with the world.

Reach out via and 027368234.